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Chase Doors began operating in 1932 as an insulated walk-in cooler and specialty refrigeration equipment manufacturer. Today, with over 400 employees and four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities, Chase has earned its reputation for high quality products that are reliable, durable, and competitively priced.

Chase Doors offers superior design and engineering processes which enhance the functionality, durability, and life of its products. Chase ColdGuard cold storage doors are custom manufactured. Chase's team of in-house engineers and customer service professionals work with you every step of the way throughout the order process to ensure accuracy before sending the door to production. A seasoned production team, including experienced craftspeople are cross trained to perform a variety of duties ensuring that Chase can meet customer demand with minimal disruption. The ColdGuard production facility is supported by a vertically integrated manufacturing operation including CNC stamping, metal bending and shearing stations, a welding station, track and operator sub-assembly stations, a temperature controlled foaming press and final assembly operations with final quality assurance procedures.

Chase proudly supports the development of green product innovations and is committed to continued improvements to our product offering with respect to the environment by providing doors that are insulated with Ecomate foam.

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